Maria Angula

Maria Angulo was a cheerful and lively girl, daughter of a landowner in Cayambe. He loved gossip and stories being amused to create enmity between their friend. Therefore they called the metepleitos, long tongue or "carishinas" gossip. Thus Mary Angula grew 16 years dedicated to making life trouble with the neighbors, and never took the time to learn how to organize the house and prepare tasty meals. Angula When Mary got married, began their problems. The first day Manuel, her husband, asked him to prepare a bread soup Angula giblets and Mary did not know how to do it. Burning hands with lard and tallow wick, lit the charcoal and put on him the soup pot with a little water, salt and color, but until there was: I did not know what else to do! Mary remembered then that lived next door Dona Mercedes, a great cook, and without thinking twice, ran to her. Neighbor, you know make soup of bread with trifles? Claro, María. You see, two loaves of bread are thrown in a cup of milk, then place them in the broth, and before it boils, add the giblets. So no more be done? Yes, a neighbor. Ahh, "said Maria Angulo-, if not more is made of bread and offal soup, I knew. So saying, he flew to the kitchen to not forget the recipe. The next day, as her husband had ordered a soup of "cuchicara, history repeated itself. Doña Mercedes, you know prepare the soup of "cuchicara? Yes, a neighbor. And as before, just your good friend gave all indications, Mary Angula said: Ah, if not more is made soup of "cuchicara" sabía.Y I too ran home quickly for seasoning. As this was happening every morning, Mrs. Mercedes was annoying. Mary Angula always left with the same story: "Ah, if not more is done dry goat, I also knew, ah, if not more is made chili booklet, I knew." So wanted to give a lesson and the next day ... Merceditas Dona ... What is offered, Mrs. Mary? Nothing, Michita, my husband wishes for tea broth guts "puzún" and I ... Umm, that's refácil, he said, and before Mary Angula the interrupt, he continued: You see, it goes to the cemetery carrying a sharp knife. After the last expected to hit dead on the day and no one sees it, the guts out and "puzún." At home, wash them and then cook them with water, salt and onions and when the broth has boiled for about ten minutes, increases slightly peanut ... and that's it. It is the tastiest dish. Ahh, said Mary Angula as always-if not more is done with stock guts "punzún" I also knew. And in a flash, he was in the cemetery waiting for the dead came more cool. When the cemetery was left alone, went quietly to the grave chosen. He removed the earth covering the coffin, lifted the lid y. .. There was the awesome face deceased! She tried to flee, plus the same fear stopped her. Trembling, took a knife and stabbed one, two, three times on the belly of the deceased and desperately stripped its guts and "punzún." Then, running back to his home. After regaining his composure, he prepared the tea macabre unknowingly ate her husband licking her fingers. That same night, meanwhile Angula Mary and her husband slept, were heard around howl. Angula Mary woke with a start. The wind creaked eerily in the windows, swinging them, while outside, the noises made their fears. Suddenly, down the stairs, Mary Angula heard the crunch of footsteps rose heavily to his room. It was a laborious and booming walk that stopped outside his door. A minute passed eternity of silence, Mary Angula saw the phosphorescent glow of a ghostly man. A prolonged cry cavernous and froze. Angula Mary, give me back my insides and my puzún you stole my holy grave! Mary joined Angula horror and the fear coming out from his eyes, looked like the door is pushed open by the figure of light and stark. Angula Mary ran out of voice. There, in front of her, the deceased was advancing his grin showing her belly rigid and hollow: Angula Mary, give me back my insides and my puzún you stole my holy grave! Terrified, not to see it, he hid under the covers, but in moments he felt cold and bony hands she was taken by his legs and dragged her, screaming: Angula Mary, give me back my insides and my puzún you stole my holy grave! When Manuel awoke, he found his wife, and although looked everywhere, never heard of it. Glossary Pepper Folding: Typical dish prepared Ecuador ruminant stomach. Carishinas: woman who seems male. Color: Powder of red brick, which is added to foods, products of annatto seeds. Cuchicara Leather pork. Soup: Food made with diced potatoes and other foods, like salt, butter and milk. Giblets: offal and small parts of pigs and poultry. Puzún: (or puzún): stomach of ruminants, food prepared with the stomach, hash, which is mixed with salt and pepper. Seco de chivo: rice with lamb meat.